February 2018

Your Pastor’s Heart

Charles R. Swindoll writes in his book Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life [page 182] the following: “Allow me to introduce a professional thief. Chances are you’d never pick this slick little guy out of a crowd, but many, over the years, have come to regard him as a formidable giant. Quick as a laser and silent as a moonbeam, he can pick any lock. Once inside, his winsome ways will captivate your attentions. You’ll treat him like your best friend. But watch out. He’ll strip you without a blink of remorse. Master of clever logic that he is, the bandit will rearrange the facts just enough to gain your sympathies. When others call his character into question, you’ll find yourself not only believing him, but actually quoting and defending him. Too late, you’ll see through his ruse and give him grudging credit as the shrewdest of all thieves. Some never come to such a realization at all. They stroll to their graves arm-in-arm with the very robber who has stolen away their lives…His name? Procrastination.”

This thief’s specialty is stealing time and incentive. He’ll make off with priceless treasures, leaving cheap substitutes in their place: excuses, rationalizations, empty promises, embarrassment, and guilt. His motto is “Never do today that you can put off ‘til tomorrow”

Let me quote Swindoll again [page 183] – “He can outtalk any student when it comes to homework. He can outthink any executive when it comes to correspondence. He can outwork any homemaker when it comes to vacuuming or doing dishes. He can outlast any parent when it comes to discipline. He can outsmart any salesman when it comes to selling. He has one basic product and he centers all his energy toward that single goal: defeat.”

One of his deceitful tactics is the word “Someday”. This word denotes idle thinking that’s rarely backed up with action. And most good-intentioned people utter it on a regular basis. If you catch yourself at the same place you were last year, pay attention to how well you manufacture excuses and how often you utter the word “someday”.

“How can I win?” you ask. “What’s the secret – the formula – for escaping this thief’s intimidating web? How can I stop the giant from breaking and entering?”

It quite simple…so simple you won’t believe it. All it takes is one word, perhaps the easiest word to utter in our language. Properly used that single syllable carries more weight than a ton of good intentions. The thief cannot endure the sound of it. It sends him running away in frustration. If you use it often enough, he might get tired of hearing it and start leaving you alone.

Curious? I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tell you the word if you’ll promise to use it next time you’re tempted to listen to this fast-talking crook. I have a warning, however. It may be easy to say, but it will require all the discipline you can muster to mean. To implement it will demand, in fact the power of God Himself.

The word is “Now”.

Proverbs 13:12, 19a (NKJV)
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life… A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul…

Well???? Get started! Ah, Hah! I bet when you read that you thought of why later would be a better time to get a start than now, didn’t you? Got some work to do in this area don’t you? Don’t you think this a NOW moment?

Needing to get started TODAY along with you! – Pastor Steve

Happy Birthday

Jonathan Phillips – 1
Derek McDonald – 4
Cheryl Hartley – 4
Baxter Gardner – 5
Mark Anders – 9
Reed Simmons – 10
Micah Honeycutt – 11
Stacey Trexler – 11
Jeremy Patterson – 12
Abigail Mikoski – 13
Robert Kountz – 15
Terry Barringer – 17
Kate Carter – 17
Donna Hampton – 19
Yvonne Patterson – 20
Jonathan Eagle – 21
Linda Michael – 21
Peggy Stilwell – 22
Graham Honeycutt – 24
Margaret McCora-Lawson – 24
Samuel Blackwelder – 25
Daniel Blackwelder – 25
Sara Lentz – 28

OASIS (Older Adults Still In Service) – OASIS will meet Tuesday, February 6th in the FLC for a catered lunch at 11:30am. We are planning to have games that each of you can participate in. Come and have fun with us! You’ll enjoy the great fellowship and good food.

WOM (Women On Mission) – WOM Bible Study will meet at 1pm Tuesday, February 13th in the FLC. Come and enjoy this time of learning and fellowship. Our Main Street Mission items again will be Peanut Butter, Jelly and Toilet Paper.

February Extended Session  

Feb 4 – 8:45 AM – Donna H.; 10:00 AM – Cindy R. &amp Ashlee S.
Feb 7 – 6:30 PM – Amy C. & Donna P.
Feb 11 – 8:45 AM – Jessica H.; 10:00 AM – Donna H. &amp Linda S.
Feb 14 – 6:30 PM – Dean & Bonnie M.
Feb 18 – 8:45 AM – Jeannie P. & 10:00 AM – Stacy H. & Hannah G.
Feb 21 – 6:30 PM – Amanda L. & Jeannie P.
Feb 25 – 8:45 AM – JoAnn C. & 10:00 AM – Oley P. & Deb G.
Feb 28 – 6:30 PM – Jamie K. & Renee M.

In Loving Memory 

Emily Carter
Given by: James & Marsha Carter

You Are Invited – MOMS IN PRAYER GROUP @ the South Rowan YMCA Board Room. Thursday mornings 9-10am. We start and end on time! Bring your Bible, folder for prayer sheets and pen.

Lottie Moon Goal – Shout out to all FBC members! We turned in $4,443.94!

Children’s Worship – During the 10:00 worship hour, we have a children’s worship service available for your child in the Family Life Center next door.  Holidays and the last Sunday of each month there is no Children’s Worship so as to allow the opportunity for families to worship together.

Girls Night Out Fun!  Mark Your Calendar! – All girls and ladies get ready for a time of fun, food, fashion, and a Christian message. Friday, March 23rd at 6pm we will have a meal and at 7pm the Fashion Show sponsored by Anne’s. Anne’s will show us the spring fashions for 2018. Roxanne Johnson will deliver a message that women can take to heart. What a great girl’s night to be with sisters and friends. Also door prizes will be a plus to enjoy. All this fun for $15.00! Proceeds for this event will help the Capital Improvement Fund.  To purchase tickets see Norma, Wendy, Faye, Laura, or Earlene.

Finance Report

Please be in prayer that our financial resources will be provided.

January – December  2017 (tithes & offerings)
Contributions Needed/Goal $294,253
Contributions Received $296,486
Over Budget $2,233
January – January 21,  2018 
Contributions Needed/Goal $16,746
Contributions Received $12,202
Under Budget -$4,544

2017 Recap – Praise be to God for the financial results achieved for 2017.  We hit a low spot from a giving perspective in the spring and summer, but we had a very good recovery.  Copies of the final 2017 Financial Statement are available through the church office.  The highlights of our year are:

  • We contributed over $28,000 to missions which does not include our missions programs such as VBS, Sunday School, meals, etc.
  • Our annual income (not only tithes) was over $297,000 which exceeded budget by $3,226
  • Our budget owners managed expenses very well, and we finished the year under budget by $28,684.  Many thanks to each budget owner for managing your line item.
  • Overall for 2017, we realized a net gain of $32,744 for income over expenses

2018 – This year, we will continue to be challenged from a budget perspective.  It is important that we all continue to be in prayer about this, and we all participate in the worshipping experience of tithing and supporting the ministries our church has chosen to support.  Some 2018 budget notes:

  • Our church reduced the budget for 2018 by 1.36% from 2017.  Our income requirement is $290,490.
  •  Our weekly income requirement is $5,582
  •  We reduced and/or eliminated from the 2018 budget some of the discretionary spending, so we have less room in 2018 to make up for income shortfalls.
  •  For 2018, our budget breakdown is:
    •  10% Missions
    •  52% Personnel
    •  18.5% Building & Grounds
    •  19.5% Programs and Other Support Costs
    •  80.5% of our budget is consumed by meeting our missions requirements, making payroll, and maintaining the infrastructure.  These are fixed-costs that have to be met.  That is $4,497 per week that has to be realized, before we fund a single program.

Take time to thank God for a successful 2017 and for giving us the resources needed to do the things He has commanded.  Please be in prayer for 2018 that we will receive the resources needed, and our members will be faithful with their stewardship.
Rodney Phillips and Jeremy Carter,
Chairmen of Finance Committee

Capital Improvement Fund – Help drive our church forward.  Goal:  $50,000.  We’ve received $24,892.77.  Cash or check donations accepted.

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