October 2017

Your Pastor’s Heart

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another…
– Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV)

Many years ago, former American POW’s were interviewed to determine what methods used by the enemy had been most effective in breaking their spirit. Researchers learned that prisoners didn’t breakdown from the withholding of food or from torture as quickly as they did from solitary confinement or from being frequently moved around and separated from friends. It was further learned that the soldiers drew their greatest strength from the close attachments they had formed to the small military units to which they belonged. They were ready to die for those others if necessary.

These insights give us insight into why followers of Christ need the group experience of fellowship with other believers to help them remain loyal to the Lord. Our own personal relationship to God, vital as that is, is often not sufficient to produce spiritual maturity and endurance. King Solomon wrote, “You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17 The Message). God often uses the right kind of friend to encourage us – to nudge us on – to challenge us in our stagnant walk – to sharpen us and make us more useable in the hand of the Lord.

A pastor went to visit a man who had been absent from church for some time. When the pastor arrived at the house of his wayward parishioner he found him sitting by a fire of glowing coals. The man fully expected his pastor to rebuke him for his tardy attendance at services. But instead the pastor drew up a chair alongside the fireplace where the man was sitting just peering into the fire. With the tongs the pastor reached into the fire and took one of the red hot glowing coals and placed it by itself out on the hearth. Within no time at all the coal began to lose its glow until in a few minutes it was black. The man looked up into the face of his pastor who hadn’t said a word and he said “I’ll be there next Sunday.” I need you and you need me to keep each other glowing and fired up for the Lord.

Sometimes Christians choose to be POW’s, putting themselves into solitary confinement, when they could choose to be a participant in the unit to which they belong. Have you given up the meeting together with fellow believers? We all need the large group in our worship services and we need the small group of our Sunday School class.

Sometimes in winter weather when I have forgotten to wear my gloves I rub my hands together to produce warmth. Now I carry those two hands with me wherever I go, but it is only when they come in contact with each other that the warmth can be generated. It is the same with your life; there is nothing like being joined to other believers in a bond that generates warmth and growth to all involved.

Let’s consider and give a lot of thought to how we can spur others on in their growth and encourage them in the Christian walk. To do that we need to take the initiative to get close to them and enter into life together with them. Why not make a commitment of “I’ll be there next Sunday”? Why not make a commitment to invest your life into a few Christian friends? I guarantee you’ll be the one who benefits the most.

—-  Pastor Steve

Happy Birthday

Steve Brown – 3
Diane Shewmaker – 4
Greg Gardner – 6
Melissa Simmons – 6
Colton Green – 7
Earlene Lippard – 8
Megan H.Berg – 9
Tony Freeman – 10
John Russell – 13
Leslie Tate – 15
David Gardner – 16
Donna Kimball – 17
Justin Scarborough – 17
Chiffonia Doby – 18
Jared Neal – 21
Ashlynn Coffer – 21
Sylvia Collins – 22
Lydia Wilson – 23
Jeremy Carter – 24
Hunter Honeycutt – 25
Kelsey Brown – 26
Gabriel Simmons – 26
Bill Deaver – 27
Phillip Hamilton – 27
Joshua Simmons – 28
Garrison Collins – 29
David Ramirez – 30
Rachel Stone – 31

OASIS – OASIS will meet Tuesday, October 3rd in the FLC for a catered lunch at 11:30am. Our program will be a surprise! Come and share the food, fun & fellowship.

WOM – WOM Bible Study will meet at 1pm Tuesday, October 10th, in the FLC. Come and enjoy this time of learning and fellowship. Our Main Street Mission items again will be Peanut Butter, Jelly and Toilet Paper.

October Extended Session  

Oct 1 – 8:45 AM – Donna H. & Donna P.; 10:00 AM – Amanda L & Jessica H.
Oct 4 – 6:30 PM – Amy C. & Beverly S.
Oct 8 – 8:45 AM – Jessica H.; 10:00 AM – Brian & Kim C.
Oct 11 – 6:30 PM – Dean & Bonnie M.
Oct 15 – 8:45 AM – Jeannie P.; 10:00 AM – Robert & Laura M.
Oct 18 – 6:30 PM – Amanda L. & Jeannie P.
Oct 22 – 8:45 AM – JoAnn C.; 10:00 AM – Rev. Mark & Betsy A.
Oct 25 – 6:30 PM – Jamie K. & Renee M.
Oct 29 – 8:45 AM – Amy C.; 10:00 AM – Amy C. & Donna H.
Nov 1 – 6:30 PM – Robert & Laura M.

Trunk of Treats – Oct. 31 @ 5:30 PM

Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer –  Emmanuel Baptist, Monday, Nov., 6th, 6pm; Prayer Changes Things – Light supper provided

Tea With Lottie Moon –  Mildred Hills Baptist, Thursday, Nov. 30th, 6pm; Hear her story of sharing the love of Jesus and sacrifice of self to the Chinese children (Shelia Prevett as Lottie Moon) – Light supper provided

You Are Invited – MOMS IN PRAYER GROUP @ the South Rowan YMCA Board Room. Thursday mornings 9-10am. We start and end on time! Bring your Bible, folder for prayer sheets and pen.

Prayer Gathering – Mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 7th. The Christian community is gathering on the Salisbury courthouse steps to pray from 10am – 11am. There is so much spiritual darkness in Rowan County (drugs, crime, hate), we the light are coming together to pray for the light (Jesus Christ) to take over our county. Van(s) will leave our church at 9am to attend.

Its Operation Christmas Child Time! –  Our goal is 150 boxes.    Do  NOT pack TOOTHPASTE, CANDY or LIQUIDS.  S&H fee has increased to $9 a box. You can pay your S&H fee online and track your box to see the end location of the box.  Return the box by Sunday, 11/12/17.  Please place your filled shoebox on the front pew of the sanctuary.  Please consider including a picture and/or personal note to the child.  Please contact Wendy Fontenot or Earlene Lippard if you would need us to shop for you.  Always remember you can use the online service to build your own shoebox at  Don’t forget to pray over the child that will receive your box.  Thanks again for taking part in this wonderful ministry.   Remember ask close friends and coworkers that can help pack a box.

Finance Committee  is beginning to plan the budget for 2018.  If you are a budget line item owner, or have a budget request, please provide your budget request (with short justification) to Rodney Phillips or Jeremy Carter no later than October 15.  Also, please be in prayer about our 2018 budget that we will have the resources to provide the ministries and missions we believe we are responsible for.

Finance Report

Please be in prayer that our financial resources will be provided.

January – September 24, 2017
Contributions Needed/Goal $220,701
Contributions Received $212,504
Under Budget -$8,197

Please remember if you have online banking you can set up with your bank to mail a check to the church. It can be one time or reoccurring. It’s very simple, just like paying a bill. You don’t have to remember to bring your check or cash to church! Check it out!

Capital Improvement Fund – Help drive our church forward.  Goal:  $50,000.  We’ve received $20,674.77.  Cash or check donations accepted.

In Loving Memory

Bradley Eagle
Barbara Stemler
Phillip & Donna Hamilton
Willa Russell
Ronnie & Linda Lewis

Dottie Doby
Jean Ray
Harold & Shelby Murray
Gene & Carolyn O’Kelley
Dottie Gagnier
Arletta Kluttz
Harry & Janet Brawley
Jeff & Sue Watkins
Darlene Drye
Garren & Nancy Watkins
Linda Miller

Emily Carter
Jean Ray
Gene & Carolyn O’Kelley
Harry & Janet Brawley
Ruth Sunday School Class
Jennifer Comer
Ronnie & Linda Lewis

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