Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Help us as we pray for groups of people around the world that have never heard about the saving grace and hope of Jesus Christ.  We call these “unreached people groups”.  Click here to be a part of this powerful ministry by joining in prayer for the “unreached people group” of the day.

Each of us know individuals that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  That is the purpose of our Prayer Bowl.  The blue slips of paper in our Prayer Bowl has the First Name, Last Initial, and date that it was placed into the bowl.  We also engage our congregation in praying over these individuals by distributing the names so that specific prayers can be lifted up.  When the person enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ, their name is removed and we praise God for their life changing decision.   If you would like to enter a name on behalf of someone that you know, please submit a request to our online prayer form or email us, and we will begin to pray for the individual.

You can submit a prayer request via our online form by clicking here or if you prefer, can send us a prayer request via an email by sending it to

Our Prayer Line is for anybody, anywhere.  Please call or text us at 704.856.WP4Y (9749).  Your message can be left anonymously or you can leave your name.  Regardless, our promise is to have our prayer team begin praying for you immediately.  As soon as your message is left, our Prayer Team will lift your request up.  Why WP4Y? Because We’ll Pray 4 You.

We believe that spending time with the living Christ is vital to a growing relationship with Him.  Of all the things the disciples could have asked Jesus to show them how to do, they asked Him, “…Lord, teach us to pray…” (Luke 11:1)  It is with great passion that we strive to seek Christ in all that we do, as a church.  The only way to understand who Christ is, what He wants us to be, and what He wants us to do, requires spending time, alone, with Him in prayer.  Below are several links to help you in your personal prayer life as well as ways you can be involved in First Baptist Church’s prayer ministries.  Prayer is about a dialog with God and not a monologue for our requests.  God is waiting to speak to us and ready to show us more of Himself.  One of the key components of prayer is worship.  Worshiping and Praising God for Who He is.  Please join us in listening and hearing His voice.

Pastor’s Prayer Partners – Our pastor has 10 prayer partners who pray daily for him and our church. These individuals take turns praying, at a separate location, during our morning worship service for God to use the musicians, children’s speaker, and our pastor to proclaim God’s Word and for the Spirit of God to move the hearts of all attending to be obedient to God’s prompting in their hearts. For special and private prayer needs that come to our attention, these are the individuals who are contacted to pray for those needs.

Prayer Team – Whenever general prayer needs come to the church’s attention these many individuals are contacted for united prayer for those needs. This team is ever increasing in number